Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma

You will love these if you are someone who believes in Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma. Positive thinking can go a long way so if you don't believe in good luck charms these are still inspirational ideas. You can give a good luck charm as a gift because someone you love needs encouragement. A good luck charm can help simply because it is a symbol of well wishes from a loved one.

You might not believe in luck at all because it is just not your thing. Carrying a talisman can be a cool idea though because it has been scientifically proven that certain colors and shapes affect us in different ways.

The type of good luck some that might inspire a person will depend on their personality and also on their beliefs. There are many different choices available that are sure to let a friend or family member know that you are thinking of them.

There are many different symbols of good luck because they have evolved from different religious and cultural beliefs. The symbols that matter to you may matter to you because of religion, culture or just your personal preference. Some of the most well known good luck charms are horseshoes, the lucky rabbit's foot, four leaved clovers, semi-precious stones and religious charms.

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma - Handmade Obsidian Buddha

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma

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A beautiful handmade good luck charm that measures 45 mm X 28 mm. This Buddha has been hand made from obsidian. Buddha is a symbol of good luck to many people and this one brings extra blessings because of the obsidian. It is believed that obsidian has strong healing properties and that it guides the beholder towards love and light. A great good luck charm for someone who is trying to recover from emotional trauma.

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma - Little Piggy Gift Charm With Card


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The lucky little pig charm comes with an inspirational note letting the recipient know that he comes with wishes of good fortune and happiness. A wonderful gift idea for a friend or family member that needs some extra encouragement. This charm is just the right size to carry in your pocket. Measures Approximately 3/4" in length. In ancient cultures the pig represents wealth, strength and contentment.

Four Leafed Clover For Irish Blessings


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If it is the luck of the Irish that you need this clover stone is the perfect talismen for you. It is perfect for giving because it comes with a gift envelope that features an inspirational quote.

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma - The Bluebird Of Happiness



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This is a gorgeous little bluebird charm that is sure to bring inspiration and happiness. The bluebird is a symbol of happiness and the color blue is know to be a color that calms the thoughts. It is said to bring inner peace, strength and happiness. If you are looking for a lovely gift this one is great because it is so sweet and sentimental.

Unexpected Miracles Karmalogy Beads



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Wear your luck on your sleeve because you can with this karma bracelet. It is made from wooden and agate beads and it comes with a card instructing you how to focus your intentions.

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma - Natural Crystal Carved Guardian Angels


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These carved guardian angels can bring you luck in many different ways. You will recognize the symbol of the guardian angel because it is well known. There are many religions that recognize angels as supreme beings. Some people believe that guardian angels are departed loved ones that watch over us. These angel charms are carved from many types of different stone. Each of these stones  are believed to bring you luck in different ways.

Customers can choose from over ten different types of stones because they all have different meanings. Some popular ones include amethyst, carnelian, opalite, rose quartz, jasper, obsidian and jade.

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma - Magical Mermaid Good Luck Charm

mermaid charm

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You have heard of mermaids because they are commonly known mythical creatures. Many people do love mythical creatures because they are magical. If this is you then this little mermaid is just what you need. Because we all wish our loved ones well this is a lovely gift idea.

Good Luck Charms To Boost Your Karma - Lucky Horseshoe

lucky horseshoe

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A lucky horseshoe is a common and traditional way to boost your luck. People believe that horseshoes bring good luck because they ward off evil. Good luck horseshoes are often hung on front doors because people believe they can bring good luck.

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