Summer Vibes

Giant Vegetable Sharpener

This really cool slicer looks like it is a giant vegetable sharpener! A great piece of kitchen equipment that will interest anyone who sees it. This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who loves neat new fangled gadgets. It has been especially designed for vegetables that are shaped like carrots, cucumbers or zucchini. The blade is made of long wearing stainless steel, perfect for creating curly carrot strings for salads. You will look like a culinary expert when you present your awesome curly salad to family members and guests!

giant vegetable sharpener


Much easier than slicing your cucumbers and carrots by hand and the results are much better too! Use to add a special touch to salads or to create cool garnishes. String garnishes look fantastic with any meal. If you have a fussy child who needs to be tempted to eat vegetables this should do the trick.