Geek Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Geek Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

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Glowing animatedĀ Geek Wi-Fi Detector Shirt dynamically displays the current wi-fi signal strength.

The Wi-Fi detector shirt retails at around $30 and is capable of signal strength for 802.11b or 802.11g.


This is a 100% cotton shirt and the Wi-Fi detector is powered by AAA batteries. The Wi-Fi detector part of the shirt is removable so that the shirt can be easily washed. It attaches via hook and loop fasteners.

The battery pack is concealed in a small pocket inside the shirt so that the shirt is comfortable to wear. A cool novelty geek shirt for you or your favorite geek!

Here are some reviews from people who have bought this shirt.

"I bought it for my son bd as a goodie bag
They were so excited about it. They even came out with this new game "find the 10 best wifi spots..."
Fare price. Glad I got it."

"We have used it at home and around town, and washed it according to directions, put in a drawer for a couple of years, took it out and it still works PERFECTLY !!!"

"Love it very much!! I will recommend it to my friends. The price is very perfect. It deserves that. Thank you"

Get it here -Wi-Fi Detector Shirt Size M (Medium) - A shirt with a built-in Wi-Fi signal detectorGeek Wi-Fi Detector Shirt