Futuristic Grocery Store

This innovative new grocery store in Germany may indeed be an example of a Futuristic Grocery Store . Does that sentence makes you think of high tech gadgets or online shopping sites? If so  then you may be surprised. This new grocery store is designed around the idea of minimizing packaging. A huge amount of packaging ends up in landfill every year. Packaging is also expensive, it drives up the price of your groceries more than you think.  grc1This Berlin store is named 'Original Unverpackt'

The original concept of this store was mostly funded by investors and partly crowd funded. The basic concept is a zero tolerance policy towards waste. Original Unverpackt Shoppers bring bags, jars and containers from home and fill them from the supermarket shelves.Futuristic Grocery Store ^ The above photograph is a representation of groceries with packaging as commonly available. The picture below is what your shopping may look like if you were to shop at Original Unverpackt.groceries-after

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