Funny Safety Fails

When it comes to engineering and, well, life in general, innovative ideas are very important. Safety is very important too but some people just never let small things like safety get in the way of their great (or not so great) ideas !!

fail^^ These guys have taken innovation to a whole new level, a great idea? Hmm I think they need to go back to the drawing board on this one while they still can!

fails^^ Improvisation at it's very best! (or worst!)

failgun^^ Sometimes there's just no words! What the !!??

failspikes^^ I predict that this could end very badly !!

failwindow^^ Even in theory this is bad idea? How did this guy go from thinking about to actually doing it? Not just a safety fail but a logic fail as well!

filo^^ This guys lack of observation skills could really help him to go out with a bang!!

failgas^^ Someone turn the sign around please!

failballs^^ chew it at your own risk !!

And now a word of advice for everyone, being creative and innovative is an excellent way to achieve some interesting stuff. But please remember to protect your ass ;)

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