Fun Desktop Missile Launchers

Novelty items that are USB powered or operated by smartphones are very popular time wasters and they also make fantastic gifts. These Fun Desktop Missile Launchers fall into both of these categories and they are also very cool! Fun Desktop Missile Launchers

^ This is a USB Desktop Missile LauncherFun Desktop Missile Launchers by Brookstone. It shoots foam missiles to a distance of 25 feet. A cool idea for college dorm room study areas or as a gift for a teenager. It can easily be controlled by either mouse or keyboard.

smartphone missile launcher

^ The Dream Cheeky 358 iLaunch Thunder for iPhone Electronic Reference DeviceFun Desktop Missile Launchers connects via bluetooth to any Apple device. Contril it via your computer, iphone or ipad. It is controlled via a specially designed app which is available in the Apple App store.

missile launcher

^ The Dream Cheeky iStrike Shuttle for iPad/iPod touch/iPhone (316)Fun Desktop Missile Launchers is a three channel indoor helicopter. It is controlled via an Apple device and includes a rechargeable lithium battery. There are various flight control modes to make things easier and the shuttle drops a "bomb" in the form of a ping pong ball.

android controlled helicopter

^ This is the Griffin Technology GC30014 Helo TC Assault Touch-Controlled HelicopterFun Desktop Missile Launchers. It can be conroled via your Android or IOS device. It features twin missile launchers and is equipped with six redeye missiles. In order to control the helicopter you will need to downlad the Helo TC App.

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