Fun and Useful Camping Stuff For Children

Fun and Useful Camping Stuff For Children

This list of fun and useful camping stuff for children will appeal to you if you enjoy camping with your family. Many people enjoy camping but camping when you have children is different because there are a unique set of challenges. As a parent you want to ensure that your children have everything that they need and that they enjoy the experience. Little ones have needs quite different to the needs of adult campers and this does need to be considered.

Children who are used to having constant access to technology often struggle with boredom when camping. There are some fun items here that are sure to have them enjoying nature and having a good time. When you are packing for a camping trip it is necessary to pack as little as possible sometimes in order to save space. Most of these items are small and packing them will not be an issue.

Useful Camping Stuff For Children

Personalized Drink Bottles

Camping Stuff For Children

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personalized drink bottles

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Staying hydrated is very important when you are spending time in the great outdoors. This is especially true if you have a lot of activities planned. As a parent this is important because you have to ensure that you drink plenty of water and also that your children do. These personalized drink bottles are a great way to encourage your children to drink enough fluids. If you have more than one child it will be useful to have named drink bottles so that there is no confusion. When each child has a clearly labelled drinking bottle it is easy to monitor how much water they have consumed by checking to see how much is still inside each bottle.

Drink bottles from zazzle are great because you can enter the name yourself. Sometimes it is difficult to find a named drink bottle when the name you want printed on it is not common.

Sting Relief

sting relief

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Insects can be annoying when you are camping because some can bite or sting. Young children can be very sensitive to bites from insects such as ants or mosquitoes. After Bite is formulated especially for kids and it provides instant relief from the pain caused by bites or stings.

Air Beds For Kids

kids air mattress

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Sleeping comfortably is important for both adults and children. This is because no one feels good when they have not had enough sleep. Your children will enjoy daily activities much more if they are rested. These air beds have been especially designed for children and a pillow is included. They are smaller than adult airbeds so will save space in your tent. The airbeds come in three different bright colors so if you have more than one child they can easily recognize which bed belongs to them.

Child's Folding Chair

kids folding chair

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Having somewhere to sit down comfortable is important for several reasons. We all need a break sometimes and your child will love having their very own designated seat. This is also handy at mealtimes and if you are engaging in activities such as fishing. Camping chairs such as these fold up easily and are easy to transport.

Fun Camping Stuff For Children

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks


marshmallow roasting sticks

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Roasting marshmallows over a campfire is a great camping activity for people of all ages. Children love it and these roasting sticks are perfect for the tasks. These are best for older children and adult supervision will of course be needed. One cool thing about these sticks is that they extend to a length of 34 inches. This means that you do not need to be too close to the fire in order to roast your marshmallow.

Nature's Explorer Kit


kids nature kit

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One thing children love to do is to explore. With this cool natures explorer kit they will have everything that they need. Your children will not be bored as they can closely check out everything that is around them. There are lots of fun items in this kit including binoculars, a compass and a flashlight. The kit comes in an easy to carry tin case so it will not take up much room when you are packing.

An Appropriate Bedtime Story

children's book about camping

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If your child has a set bedtime or naptime at home you may want to stick to it because it will ensure that they get enough sleep. Bedtime stories are often an integral part of bedtime and this is a fun story about camping that any child will enjoy. If you child is old enough to read it themselves it is a fun book to give them while travelling to your camping destination.

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