Fried Egg T-Shirt For Breakfast Fans

Fried Egg T-Shirt For Breakfast Fans

This fried egg t-shirt for breakfast fans is perfect if breakfast is your favorite meal of the day. Breakfast is great because you can eat it at any time of the day. Many popular breakfast menu items do contain egg and you can show your love for this breakfast food with this cool T.

This is a cool gift idea for any breakfast or Sunday brunch buddy because it is very appropriate. It is also a fun gift idea for any person who loves shirts that are very unique.

If you wear t-shirts often as part of a casual lifestyle you will know that they can often be boring. This is because many people wear off the rack shirts so most popular styles have been seen by everyone. It is not likely that this one is available in your local stores so it is sure to stand out as being different and fun.

This is a fun and unique shirt but it is also very durable and comfortable to wear. The fabric is 100% cotton and the shirt is made in the USA. It is machine washable and pre-shrunk so it is very easy to care for. Choose from a range of sizes to suit.

Fried Egg T-Shirt For Breakfast Fans

Fried Egg T-Shirt For Breakfast Fans

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