Fresh New Year Kitchen Trends Add Life to Drab Kitchens

Fresh New Year Kitchen Trends Add Life to Drab Kitchens

Image via MisterMarble

The ringing in of the new year brings with it a whole host of new and popular interior design trends to spice up that drab kitchen of yours. From exquisite and contemporary stone surfaces to minor accentual flourishes that add colour and spice to the room, your kitchen has the opportunity to see real revitalization in the new year.

Having modern cooking and dining areas in your home are essential ways to keep your life feeling fresh and exciting, when you really think about how much time is spent in the kitchen. So much of your family sharing time, relaxation moments and guest entertainment is done in the kitchen and dining areas of your house. While it can be tempting to keep a current design until the materials begin to show increased wear, this approach doesn't yield itself very well for comfort. Consider some of the popular new year kitchen trends shaping up to be big and think if any of them suit the type of changes you envision for your home's kitchen.

  1. Transitional Styling: This modern interior design style is known for incorporating many noticeably traditional themes and styles, while also including certain contemporary elements such as modern islands and top-of-the-line appliances. Others have affectionately referred to this style as "modern country" which certainly paints the image of modern meets classic very well.
  2. Colour Blocking: If you happen to be unfamiliar with this modern approach to having a bright kitchen, it involves using a bright contrast colour to bring life and colour to your space. Before picking out the accent color, there needs to be a solid, timeless color used somewhere as your colour base. You might choose a white set of appliances, and then choose to pair that against some baby-blue painted walls. Solid white quartz worktops are great to pull out a colour block design. The goal here is contrast and making aspects of the room seem to "pop."
  3. White Anything: The colour white is becoming quite popular, as it's being associated with opulence and quality. You can choose to use white for your cabinetry or perhaps find some nice granite worktops that could give your kitchen redesign some elegance and modern design relevance.
  4. Hardwood Floors: In the past, it was considered a design given that the wood flooring was for living areas or bedrooms, but never kitchens. Undoubtedly one of the hottest new year kitchen trends for 2016 is to bring wood throughout the entire space of an open floor plan, especially the kitchen.
  5. Exposed Shelving: Previously, it was thought that everything stored in a kitchen had to be behind a door of some sort. This trend began to change in 2015 and exposed shelving designs are continuing to gain in popularity for the new year.

Whether you're thinking about a complete kitchen overhaul, or if your goals are a bit more modest, understanding what the current new year kitchen trends are prior to breaking out your cheque book will pay you back big time in the long run. Mister Marble is known for incorporating the most trendy, yet timeless kitchen design elements possible with stone worktop applications. Their quartz, granite and other fine surfaces make a wonderful addition for a kitchen undergoing a facelift or a redesign.

Quartz and granite worktops in a kitchen environment add value in a number of ways. Primarily, the look and feel of the materials distinguish themselves head and shoulders above lower-quality components. From a resale perspective, due to the one-of-a-kind nature of stone, it makes any space feel more rare and custom than composite materials indistinguishable from one another.

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