10 French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

10 French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

These French country style kitchen ideas are a great way to add an elegant touch to your kitchen. French country style is a design style that is known for being ornate, sophisticated and welcoming. If you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that incorporates classic antique accents this is a good choice of style. Rustic neutral tones and antique whites are usually used along with off whites and natural wood textures.

French Country is a great style to decorate in because it is elegant and sure to please most people. If you have a shared kitchen or a large family it can be difficult to choose a style that everyone likes. This style of interior decor is known for being both sophisticated and comfortable.

French Country interior design first became popular outside of France just after WWI. Many soldiers had spent a lot of time in France and were inspired by the homes that they saw there.



French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

 Toile Patterned Kitchen Towels

toile kitchen towels

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Toile is a pattern that was first introduced during the 18th century. This is a classic print that is used often in decor featuring a French Country Style. There are many different home and kitchen items available that feature a toile print. It is commonly used on crockery, fabrics and wallpaper but also many other things.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Timber Wooden Hutch Cabinet

Timber Wooden Hutch Cabinet

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One of the traditional elements of French Country style is that it emulates 18th century style royalty. Rich, dark colored wooden furniture and a rustic element are both evident in this wooden kitchen hutch. You can bring a French Country touch into any kitchen by adding a stand out piece like this one. Cabinets often featured curved designs with a chic look. Many modern kitchens feature a lot of clean white detailing so a cabinet like this can really add a warm touch.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Gold Kitchen Sink

gold kitchen sink

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Silver and gold accents are another element of French Country design inspired by royalty. In the kitchen you can replace a regular sink with a gold one like this and add gold taps or cupboard handles to create a stunning effect.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Gold Colored Cutlery Set

gold cutlery set

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It is common for cutlery to be silver in color. You can add an extra special touch to your kitchen by using cutlery that is gold in color.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Silk Curtains

silk curtains

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Many modern homes feature blinds or bare windows but when designing in a French Country style curtains are important. Choose rich fabrics such as velvet or silk to ensure that your curtains are just right. Deep colors like wine red or navy are a good choice. The color you choose will depend on what suits the room best.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Renaissance Chandelier


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French Country style is an ornate style and chandeliers are used often. If your kitchen allows it the right chandelier will really make the room shine. This is also a wonderful idea for a dining area or anywhere else in your home. Chandeliers come in many different style and colors.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

French Crystal Candlestick Floor Lamp

french country floor lamp

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French floor lamps looks amazing because they feature beautiful and decorative styles. If you need some extra lighting a French style floor lamp is great because it can sit in an unused corner and add some pizzazz.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Wall Or Tabletop Mirror

wall mirror french country

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Ornate mirrors are often used in French Country style because they are perfect wall decorations. Most kitchens do not feature mirrors but if you want something different and stylish you will love how this looks.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

French Country Kitchens

french country kitchens

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If you a planning to design a French Country kitchen this book is great because it will help to inspire you. There are lots of great ideas and tips in here that are sure to be helpful.


French Country Style Kitchen Ideas

Chic Wall Hooks

wall hooks

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You will love these wall hooks because they will be really hand in the kitchen. They also look great and work really well with this style. The shabby yet chic look is perfect.

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