Freaky Animals With Rectangular Pupils

Freaky Animals With Rectangular Pupils may sound like a title introducing an article about some strange creature you have never heard of. There are however, several animals that have rectangular shaped pupils. All these animals are quite common. Though you may not have know that they have rectangular pupils! goat1 image source

^ The animal in these photographs above is one you have definitely heard of. These eyes are the eyes of a goat. As you can see the pupils are rectangular but the eyes are not. Freaky Animals With Rectangular Pupils image source

There are quite a few animals that do have rectangular pupils. Other Freaky Animals With Rectangular Pupils include the octopus and the toad. Typically the also have a darker iris which makes it less noticeable. This is not always the case with goats. Because of the shape of the pupil goats can see 320° and they have no frontal blind spot. If you ever want to sneak up on one, you will have a bad time!

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