Forced Perspective Photography

Forced Perspective Photography is a technique involving the use of optical illusion. The aim is to make an object appear to be different, smaller, larger, closer or further away than it really is. When this technique is used well the results can be very cool. It is often used by travelers when photographing famous landmarks. Other popular subjects include the sun, people and animals. Sometimes pictures involving the technique of Forced Perspective photography are taken for the purpose of being amusing. However, the technique is also used to create stunning, artistic photographic images. Forced Perspective Photographyvia

^ This cool photograph appears to be of a man using the sun as a cigarette lighter. It was taken by a Russian photographer by the name of Anna Kostenko.


^ A lovely example in which the rose appears to be much bigger than it really is. Taken by German photographer June K.


^ This one is called "Island Step Up" and as you can see it shows a man that appears to be stepping on an island. It was taken in 2008 by photographer Jordan Oram.


^ A cool image that appears to be basketball players using the moon as a ball. This artist has created several cool images that are similar. Check them out HERE


^ At first glance it is not east to figure out exactly what is going on in this image. It is in fact a photograph of a reflection. The clear water appears to be the sky with a ripple in it. The photograph is called Space-Time Warp and it was taken by GustavoG.


^ Here is an interesting one that was uploaded by a flickr user using the name siderius.


^ "Zen Perspective" is the name of this photograph that was taken in the Salt desert of Uyuni Salar which is in Bolivia. More work by this photographer can be seen HERE.


^ Photographer Jon Martin uploaded this cool shot to flickr. It is a good example of Forced Perspective photography that is very bookIf you are interested in improving your photography skills this great book is packed full of tips that will help check it out HERE

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