Flower Shaped Food

Flower Shaped Food

Creativity is valued as it can make even boring things look amazing! Food presentation is a big part of this trend. Preparing food is no longer only about flavor, it's also about presentation. Here are some amazing ideas for flower-shaped food you can use to add some flair to any plate.

Vegetables and soft foods such as sandwiches are very easy to shape using cookie cutters or vegetable cutters that are flower-shaped. Below you will see a set of tropical palm leaves- and Hawaiian flower-shaped cutters.

Flower Shaped Food

Source: YAWOOYA/Amazon

Vegetables, as well as fruits, are great mediums to work with and present well when you are in charge of feeding children. Presenting a plate of fruit or vegetables to a fussy child that looks great can really have a lot of appeals.

Cookie cutters can often be used to shape soft fruits or sandwiches. The Fox Run 6-Piece Flower Cookie Cutter Set below is a great choice for this. All of the different sizes allow you to layer in a way that is very effective. You could stack them all on top of each other and build a flower tower!

Flower Shaped FoodSource: Fox Run/Amazon

For a special occasion, you can create rose shapes snacks such as the rose-shaped cupcake below.  A great idea for Valentine's Day or for a wedding.

This beautiful cupcake has been created using the Freshware CB-205RD 6-Cavity Rose Shape Silicone Mold shown below. The mold can be used for other foods such as jello or for craft such as soapmaking as well.

Flower Shaped FoodSource: Freshware/Amazon

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