FLOS Pixel

FLOS_13Win The Light of Your Dreams with FLOS USA’s New Online Shopping Experience, “FLOS Pixel”

FLOS, the world’s most iconic lighting brand, known for groundbreaking collaborations with world-renowned product designers, architects and interior decorators, has premiered its newest campaign, “Curator of Dreams". As a first initiative, FLOS USA introduces FLOS Pixel, a celebration of the company’s new online store and an opportunity for US residents to win “The Light of Their Dreams”. This new store isn't built from brick & mortar but from light, from pixels, and is live as of now at FLOSusa.com/pixel.GLO-BALL BASIC

Pixel’s interactive interface is made up of six different images. Each represents a FLOS light, and consists of 6,000 different pixels. As a “Curator of Dreams”, FLOS now gives you the opportunity to claim one pixel of the company’s new website, and by doing so, you get one step closer to winning “The Light of Your Dreams”. The allocation of pixels will run for two months, and on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, one “Lucky Pixel” per image will be randomly selected, and its “owner” will take home the light represented by the image.FLOS_Pixel2

According to Jan Vingerhoets the CEO of FLOS USA “FLOS Pixel is your ticket to win the ‘Light of your Dreams.’ As ‘Curators of Dreams’, we want to inspire others as we ourselves have been inspired.”

If you wish to purchase FLOS products they are available in certain retail stores located across North America or online at FLOSusa.com.


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