First Ever Innovative Floating Tent

First Ever Innovative Floating Tent

If you are a lover of the great outdoors then this floating tent is something that you will probably enjoy. Using the right equipment makes the experience much more enjoyable. This innovative tent is like nothing you have used before. The Shoal tent is a lot of fun to use if you love the water. It's also easy to transport and assemble.

The Joy Of Camping

One of the best things about camping is being able to spend some quality time in a natural setting. Getting away from it all to spend time with family, hike, fish or just chill out is a wonderful way to unwind. Easy to use equipment is essential as you don't want to waste hours of your holiday time setting up and maintaining your campsite.

The Right Equipment

If you are someone who goes camping often then you know how important is is to have the right equipment. This includes food, essentials, items you need for planned activities and comfortable sleeping arrangements. If you are going to be spending more than one or two nights away from home, somewhere to sleep is especially important. You want to ensure that you are rested so that you enjoy all of the activities that you have planned.

First Ever Innovative Floating Tent

This floating tent is called the Shoal tent and it is the first of its kind. Users have explained sleeping in it as feeling like sleeping on a waterbed.

A Cool Place To Hang Out

The floating tent is designed to be used on water such as ponds or salt water flats. Enjoy a comfortable evening under the stars or use it to hang out during the day.

The Floating Tent Is Easy To Use

There are no poles, so transporting the floating tent to and from your location is extremely easy. It weighs approximately 130 pounds and a manual foot pump is included. The floating tent is made from heavy duty, waterproof fabric.

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