Factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch

Factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch

One of the greatest advantages of an LED-lit torch it that is can be very, very small. If all someone needs is a pocket penlight for occasional key usage and other purposes, a single LED bulb in a tiny penlight with very small batteries will get the job done and last a long time between battery changes. But, when the needs for an LED torch for more than just a little light once in a while, then more thought needs to go into the factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch.

Factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch

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How Often Used

The primary factor anyone needs to consider when choosing an LED torch is how often it will be used and for what primary purpose. The occasional penlight for finding keys and keyholes does not require a large light or more than one LED bulb and some small batteries is a simple thing to buy. Just simply pull one off the shelf and ensure it will fit well in the pocket or on a keychain without being cumbersome, and the search is over. But, when the use is nearly daily and possibly for several hours per day or night, then the choice is much more complicated and usually requires a larger torch.

Primary Use is Key

The primary reason someone has for using an LED torch will be one of the most important primary factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch. A security guard who routinely monitors dark halls and rooms or who works at night will have a nearly constant need for a lot of light. In such instances, choosing an LED torch with multiple bulbs and capable of containing several long-lasting batteries will be the best option. The torch should be relatively light and portable, but it needs to have enough battery power to last not only through the workday or night but also all week and for virtually every day thereafter.

Rechargeable Batteries

Another of the important factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch is its ability to use rechargeable batteries and the life expectancy of those batteries. Lithium rechargeable batteries generally are the best option as they hold the most power and can make the LED lights much brighter. It’s important to choose an LED torch that won’t require carrying spare batteries and that can be recharged between uses and ensure the plenty of available juice when on the job.  Using rechargeable batteries is important, and having an LED torch that holds batteries powerful enough to work well all night if need be is important. It’s far better to have more battery power than needed than not having enough to keep the LED torch lit all night.

Light Distance

Another of the factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch from LEDTorches.com is the distance the light must travel. Nighttime delivery drivers, for example, need to shine a light on street signs and house numbers. Only a quality LED torch with plenty of bulbs, lumens, and battery power will work. In such situations, only a solid light with a strong reflector that is capable of throwing a tight beam of light across a yard or street at the target will work.

Comfort is King

Once you have the general idea of the power, battery life, lighting needs, and how often the torch will be used, the most important remaining factors to consider prior to choosing a LED torch is comfort. One that is comfortable to carry, store, and keep handy at all times always will be the best option so long as it is fully functional.

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