Fabulous Wooden Lion Wall Art Piece

Fabulous Wooden Lion Wall Art Piece

This fabulous wooden lion wall art piece is unique because it is handmade. The artist has created it by using a combination of techniques. It has been created in an interesting way and is highly detailed. To make this lion the artist has used techniques such as engraving, photography, painting, printing, printmaking, woodworking and carpentry. It comes ready to hand and each one is made to order. The artist also offers other animals created in a similar style.

You can choose from five different sizes which is convenient because it will fit your space perfectly. Each wooden wall art piece is approximately one centimetre thick. There is a wide range of sizes available from 25 centimetres to 100 centimetres.

This is a striking wall art piece because it is unique and custom made just for you. Choosing the artwork for your home or office is important because it helps to set the tone for the room. This bright piece is sure to work well no matter which animal you choose.  It will look amazing in your home, office or anywhere else you want to hang it. Everyone who sees it it sure to admire it because it is so interesting to look at.

Fabulous Wooden Lion Wall Art Piece

lion wall art

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