10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

These fabulous wedding centrepiece ideas are sure to help make your wedding tables look amazing. Table centrepieces are important because they often feature in wedding photographs. You will want them to fit with your theme and look fantastic. There are many options available and what your will find here are some fabulous examples.

Flowers are a very important part of most wedding ceremonies and receptions. This is because they help to make sure the overall theme of the wedding is represented throughout. Some weddings feature certain types of flowers and others are more about the color of the flowers and feature a mixture of types.

There are many interesting ways to display your flowers as part of wedding table centrepieces.

Floral displays and centrepieces at wedding receptions often feature a mix of small and large displays. Smaller displays are great for dining tables as they do not get in the way of guests while they are eating or socialising. Larger displays are often used on bridal tables or side tables such as the cake display area or deserts.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Rustic and Natural Succulent Centrepiece

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If a rustic styled wedding is on the agenda then a centrepiece featuring succulents is a wonderful idea. This is inexpensive and it is easy to do yourself if you would prefer to DIY it. Native flora is displayed here with succulents in a way that is both pretty and natural. There are many different succulents available so you will be able to find something to suit your wedding theme perfectly.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Bohemian Mixed Vases

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If you are looking for an elegant but interesting look this idea of using mixed vases is beautiful. The vases are all different but they work well together because they feature similar metallic tones.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Candelabra With Roses

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Candles help to create soft ambience and a romantic atmosphere at any wedding celebration. You can incorporate candles into your centrepieces in many different ways but these candelabras do look amazing. This is also a great way to keep candle flames at a safe distance from your guests. Because these are quite high the candles will not be in the way of the celebration. This candelabra has been decorated with flowers in order to keep it within the design of the wedding. Any flowers could be used to do this depending on the theme of your wedding.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Wildflowers In Empty Pop Bottles

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This is a very inexpensive and effective way to create a beautiful centrepiece for any table. Simply use empty glass pop bottles to display your favorite flowers. These look wonderful displayed separately or together.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Mason Jar Fairy Lights

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These beautiful mason jar fairy lights are simple but sure to amaze your guests. They provide beautiful mood lighting and can be placed anywhere that you want them. Display in dark corners, next to bouquets of flowers or anywhere else that needs some soft lighting.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Log Slice Cake Stand

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The wedding cake is often the central point of your wedding reception display. Using a log slice to display it is very effective and is sure to look amazing.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Tropical Wedding Lanterns

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Any island or beach wedding needs beautiful tropical decorations. These gorgeous lanterns are sure to add to your event in a beautiful way. You can spread them around the room wherever you see fit. An LED tea light candle is included with each lantern so you can enjoy ambient candle light without having to be concerned about naked flames.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Handcrafted Pedestal Vase

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This handcrafted pedestal vase is unique because it it handcrafted. It looks amazing when filled with a display of flowers because it is suitable for any type of flowers.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Flower Tips In Tall Vases

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If you want to display small centrepieces on every table this is an awesome idea because it is simple and effective. Vases are filled with an inch or so of water and proteas with short stems are placed inside. This is a versatile idea because you can use any type of flower. A wonderful idea for daisies, roses or anything else.


10 Fabulous Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Floating Candle Displays

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