Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

These fabulous glamping must haves for beginners are perfect for you if like camping but dislike being without comforts. Glamping is like camping but it does not include roughing it without a toilet, shower and any of life's luxuries. When it is done right you will feel more like you are in a luxury hotel and less like you are in the middle of nowhere. It is possible to enjoy nature and getting away from it all without getting your hands dirty, sleeping rough, being without your devices or eating the wildlife.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

5 Meter Heavy Duty Bell Tent

glamping tent

cool tent

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This fabulous bell tent is perfect for glamping because it is pretty, comfortable and very durable. The heavy duty groundsheet attaches to the tent with a zipper. It ensures that have a great floor surface to set up your sleeping and living areas on. The material used is 100% breathable cotton canvas and best of all it will only take you 5-10 minutes to set up your tent.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

6 Meter Sibley Double Door Tent

luxury tent

glamping set up

source              Available at canvas camp

You will love this 100% cotton canvas bell tent because there is so much room. This tent is durable and it features double doors to provide easy access and fresh natural air. You can enjoy 28.25m2 of floor space which is about the same size as a standard hotel room. There is no need to leave life's luxuries behind because everything will fit.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Inflatable Glamping Tent For Stargazers

bubble tent

glamping idea

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

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Enjoy the stars and the nature surrounding you without being bothered by pesky bugs or anything else. The tent is made from high quality, lightweight material that is rain resistant so there is no need to pack up when the weather turns bad. It only takes 10 minutes to inflate the tent so you will be ready to enjoy it in almost no time at all.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Lotus Outback Deluxe Tent

lotus tent

beautiful glamping tent

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This tent features a front door and a rear door. It is designed to keep ants and insects out so you can sleep comfortably. There are two zippable mesh windows if you need some extra air and the doors feature zippable mosquito nets.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Omelettes In A Bag

glamping recipes

camping recipes

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freezer bags

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If you are going away to relax you don't want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning. You will also probably want to eat some good food. These omelettes in a bag are very simple to make and there is no clean up required. You can mix your omelette ingredients in a disposable bowl and then pour into the bag. To cook you simply place the omelette bags in a pot of boiling water. You can use this same method to cook or heat lots of great food.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Bacon Wrapped Meatball Bombs

camping meatballs

image source

yummy camping food

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Make sure you pack some aluminium foil so that you can make food like these bacon wrapped meatballs. Simply create the balls and then wrap them in alfoil so you can cook them mess free in your campfire. Aluminium foil is great for cooking all sorts of things in the coals of your fire. You can cook things like whole potatoes or other vegetables in the same way.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Folding Bed Frame

glamping bed

folding queen bed frame

image                Available at kogan

You can be sure to get a good night's sleep by bringing comfortable bedding. Space is often limited when you are packing for a camping trip but this folding bed frame will solve the problem. It will not take up too much room and it is a queen sized frame. Simply add a great mattress and you will be good to go.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Double Seat Floral Folding Chair

glamping chair

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Standard camping chairs are often boring and not much to look at. If you plan on enjoying a romantic glamping experience this double seated folding chair is perfect. It features a pretty floral design that is sure to impress and is designed for two people to sit on together. You will find that it folds down well and you can easily fit it in when packing for your holiday.

Fabulous Glamping Must Haves For Beginners

Single Seat Girly Vintage Floral Glamping Chair

floral camping chair

image source              Available at ebay

Add some glamour to your camp with this gorgeous girly glamping chair. Perfect for sitting on and making your camp area look a little bit prettier. This is a great gift idea for anyone who loves seeing the great outdoors in style.

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