Extreme School Journeys

If you think you have cause to complain about walking to school or catching the bus than think again! Here are some  Extreme School Journeys that children make everyday. Thank your bus driver kids, he's really helping you out ... consider what your journey could be like!

Unfortunately, in some places children often quit school because travelling to school is dangerous. According to data from the UNESCO institute of statistics this problem is far from being solved.

"As debate continues over the goals of the post-2015 development agenda, new data show that the world is still unlikely to fulfill one of the most modest commitments: to get every child in school by 2015. More than 57 million children continue to be denied the right to primary education, and many of them will probably never enter a classroom. "

1aschool Gulu, China.  via  1aasc Zhang Jiawan Village, Southern China. via 1aaasc Zanskar, Indian Himalayas. via 1aascc Lebak, Indonesia. This bridge has now been replaced.  PT Krakatau Steel built a new bridge after hearing that children had o use the broken one. via 1aaaasc Rio Negro River, Colombia. via 1aaaassc  Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China. via 1aaaassss Sri Lanka. via  1asssssdCilangkap Village, Indonesia. via 1aaasch Pili, China. via 1asssssc Sumatra, Indonesia. via Extreme School Journeys Rizal Province, Philippines. via

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