Expanding Dining Table

Mission Style Expanding Dining Table
This dining room table is the perfect option for many people. It has a fruitwoodExpanding Dining Table finish which is a medium wood color. The medium color makes it easy for almost any light to medium wood chair to match, as the table does not come with chairs. The 30 inch height is a little bit short for a dining room table but it will still work with almost any regular height chair out there.
extendable tableOne of the best features of this table is its ability to extend to a full length table with two additional leaves. This makes it capable of supporting a total of six chairs. Two chairs on either side and one at each end. The same company does make matching chairs that are designed to match with the table so that you can have six matching chairs but it is not required as there are many companies that produce chairs that will match with the style.
The end of the table features two faux drawers that have a bronze appearance and add a level of fanciness to the table. It can be tucked away and fit in as an end table when not in use so that your dining room can play multiple purposes. It will feel like you have another whole room.

extendable dining table
For $488.97 this table is a pretty good buy. Customers have rated it very reliable with a solid 4.5 stars.

Mission Style Expanding Dining Table Finish: FruitwoodExpanding Dining Table
Many customers have left feedback stating that assembling the mission style dining room table was a piece of cake. All and all this is a pretty solid dining room table for the price that is being asked. It will make any first time home owner, or even an apartment owner happy. It saves space while being durable and appearing fancy.


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