The Elephant Orphanage

The  Elephant Orphanage Project rescues orphan elephants. After they are rescued they are cared for, rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. The Lilayi elephant nursery is a non profit organisation located in Zambia. Many of the baby elephants that are cared for at the nursery have been orphaned because of poachers. It is estimated that the elephant population in Africa has halved since 1977. Hundreds of elephants are killed by poachers every year.Ele-Orphanage-Project-Resized-LogoPoachers continue to hunt elephants even though the penalty for doing so includes a possibility of life in prison. elephant6via

Many individuals and organisations from around the world have been involved in raising funds for the project. The funds are used to provide food and care to the orphans. The Elephant Orphanagevia

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation has been supporting this project and other wildlife projects since 1984. Elephant-Orphanage-Projectkivia

^ These cute elephants are made by women in the area. They are sold to help raise money for the orphan elephants. Elephants were slaughtered in great numbers during the 1970s. Hunting elephants was only banned in 1989. Poaching happens a lot less now but it is still a problem. Without the support of volunteers and those who donate funds they would not have a very good chance of survival. orphanslClick the check it out button to follow the orphanages facebook page and see the great work they are doing.

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