Elderly Home Care

Elderly Home Care

Well-equipped home care, Dublin for your elderly relative is an important aspect to consider prior to making any commitment to any form of elderly care in Ireland. In most circumstances, the best-equipped and most convenient place for any elderly relative is to remain in the home in which they have lived for many years. Providing in-home care is a valuable option, particularly when you equip your relative's home with all the mobility devices required to stay mobile and active. Cuddihy Mobility provide a variety of useful adaptations to ensure mobility remains optimal, while live in home carers from aLH can make the world of difference to the lives of anybody who is elderly or becoming infirm.

Homecare is a valuable option for your elderly relative as he/she becomes more frail and less able to manage alone at home. You will feel far more comfortable in the knowledge your relative has a live-in carer within the home, while your relative will be far more comfortable within a familiar environment than in a nursing home. Visiting carers don't give the type of in home care in Dublin that's provided by our aLH live in carers, so you will always face the fear of accidents or emergencies occurring while your relative is alone.


When you opt for aLH elderly care in Ireland, you're choosing a professional service that will really meet your relative's care needs to the fullest extent. Couple that with the provision of the most modern equipment and best modifications and your relative will continue to thrive at home, which has to be the best place. Your in home carer will provide the type of care you specify for your relative. If the elderly person has a serious medical condition or special needs, you know that personal care from an individual carer supplied by aLH is the best way forward. Alternatively, if your relative is still in reasonably good health but needs a live in companion, the aLH carer will have all the skills to give friendship and companionship.

You may wish to research different types of modifications to the home to ensure your relative lives his/her remaining years in ease and comfort. Some of these could include:

  • stairlift for mobility up and down stairs
  • bathroom or shower room refit so it's easy to continue enjoying the bathing and showering ritual unaided
  • wheelchair ramps, if needed
  • replacement door handles for ease of use
  • grab bars in external areas and around the home, where considered essential

The beauty of opting for aLH live in care is that you can save up to 40 percent off the cost of your relative's care as it's possible to claim larger sums in tax relief for live in carers. This saving will enable you to ensure the home is refitted and adapted so that your elderly relative has one of the most well-equipped homes for the elderly, providing every essential renovation to keep your relative mobile for as long as possible.

Elderly home care in Dublin can be worrying to arrange for your closest relatives. When you choose live in carers from aLH you're opting for somebody within the home, who will work a standard 35 hour week, spread over six days. Overtime can be arranged, when necessary, and your relative's aLH carer will cost from about 1,500 euros each month. The cost of an aLH in home carer is far less than the price charged by visiting carers or by residential care homes, and your relative benefits from the type of personal care they really want.

Contact aLH to find out more about elderly care in Ireland and learn about our winter special offers.

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