Elastic and Silicone No Tie Shoelaces

Elastic and Silicone No Tie Shoelaces

These elastic and silicone no tie shoelaces are useful because tying shoelaces is not easy or convenient for everyone. This is convenient for children because if they have not learned how to tie their laces yet shoelaces can be a problem. Shoelaces can also be a problem for people who have disabilities. Elderly and disabled people have issues with shoelaces because tying them requires being able to reach them. This is also an issue for people who do not have the motor skills required in order to tie laces.

These shoelaces suit any shoes because they come in a variety of colors. You can adjust them according to your footwear because you can alter the tension/tightness to suit your footwear. They are much easier to clean than regular shoelaces because they are made of silicone. You can simply wipe them clean at any time.

The laces are available in sets of six pairs and they are great value for money. They cost less than many other popular shoelaces and they last longer too.

no tie shoelaces

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These are great shoe laces for very active people because the do no come untied. Regular shoelaces can be a nuisance when they come untied as you have to stop to tie them. Shoelaces that come untied can also be a safety hazard because the may cause you to trip and fall.

Elastic and Silicone No Tie Shoelaces

Elastic and Silicone No Tie Shoelaces

image source amazon                  available at - amazon

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