These Dust Mop Slippers Are for the Lazy Housekeeper!

These Dust Mop Slippers Are for the Lazy Housekeeper!

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These functional dust mop slippers will make an ideal gift for the homemaker, who is just too lazy to scrub their floor with a bucket and a sponge, getting on their hands and feet.

These Dust Mop Slippers Are for the Lazy Housekeeper!

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These dust mop slippers have floor mops for the soles, instead of rubber, like traditional slippers. You can just slip them on and they act like floor mops! They are for use for hard flooring such as such as wood, laminate, vinyl and ceramic tiles. They are unfortunately completely useless on carpets!

Who needs that mop and broom when you have these dust mop slippers that are practical and so easy to use? You don’t have to suffer through mopping your floor with a broom again, when you can actually glide across your floor comfortably with these hip dust mop slippers. These slippers will make your housekeeping duties much easier and allow you to have fun at the same time!

There come as 3 pairs which are 9.5 inches in length and 4.7 inches wide. There is an elastic design on the side of the shoe cover which allows them to stretch to 9-14 inches. One size will fit most adult feet. These slippers have microfiber and can easily absorb water. You can wash them by hand or throw them in the washing machine. You can use them barefoot if you would like or on top of shoes as well.

Just slip on these dust mop slippers on to get rid of all that dust, dirt, and pet hair in your house.  Your whole house will look even more beautiful by you just wearing these slippers!

Available Here: Moserin Washable Dust Mop Slippers


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