Dream On Aboriginal Arts

Dream On Aboriginal Arts

Image via Dream On Aboriginal Arts

Art comes in many forms and is heavily influenced by culture. Different cultures have different ways of creating art using different mediums and different styles. Australian artists such as Garry Purchase of Dream on Aboriginal Arts keep these traditions alive.  Garry creates beautiful contemporary Aboriginal artwork in the traditional dot painting style using modern materials.

Garry was raised in Sydney amongst the Aboriginal Community of La Perouse. He was guided by his parents to be strong and to embrace his Aboriginality. He identifies proudly as Dharawal and Bidjigal and is a proud member of the Timbery Family. Garry is the great great Grandson of Queen Emma and the great great great great Grandson of Timbere who was the King of the Five Islands.

Beautiful Aboriginal Art ~ Traditional

Most of the oldest known examples of Australian Aboriginal art are rock paintings such as the one below. It is one of the Bradshaw Rock Paintings located in Western Australia. Other forms of Aboriginal artwork include leaf painting, wood carving, rock carving and sand painting.


Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art is a movement that i widely considered to have begun in the early 70s. Artists such as Clifford Possum were central to the movement.

Dream On Aboriginal Arts

Dream On Aboriginal Arts is currently featuring the latest work by Garry Purchase which is the stunning, aptly titled 'Under the Southern Cross'. Most of Garry's artwork is offered for sale via the facebook page which is HERE.

Dream On Aboriginal ArtsImage via Dream On Aboriginal Arts

Below is a photograph of the artist at work. He estimates that there are approximately 113 000 dots on the finished painting. Each one is meticulously placed and the result is stunning. A lot of patience is required in order to create a masterpiece like this.

Dream On Aboriginal ArtsImage via Dream On Aboriginal Arts

Close up photographs of the artwork show the breathtaking amount of detail that goes into each work created by Garry. Accodrding to the artists biography :

Garry has always had the creative streak in him and expressed himself through music. He has played drums for nearly 20 years, starting in a school band and going onto perform in musical competitions and festivals. He learnt to play the drums by “ear” listening to all sorts of music.

Dream On Aboriginal ArtsImage via Dream On Aboriginal Arts

12985617_611527635661664_8258637602888776410_nImage via Dream On Aboriginal Arts

aboriginal art blueImage via Dream On Aboriginal Arts

You can visit the Dream On Aboriginal Arts webpage to find out more about the work of Garry Purchase HERE.

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