DIY Recycled Plant Labels

DIY is not only good for the environment but can also be good for your bank balance. DIY Recycled Plant Labels are very easy to make and they add a personal touch to your garden. There are lots of different things you can use to make these that you probably already have at home. Wooden ones are a great idea if you prefer a rustic style. You can write the names of the plants on your labels using paint or markers in your choice of colour. If you are artistic you can decorate them with images as well. Garden sign plant label made from wood Homemade plant label from popsicle stick DIY Recycled Plant Labels Homemade plant labels from recycled plastic jugs How to make homemade plant labelsPlant labels you can erase Plant labels you can write and erase Poppy plant labels Rosemary plant labelhomemade-plant-tags-color-coded plant-labels-homemade Images Via ~ mrbrownthumb

Another great way to do this is to buy blank labels and decorate them yourself. The ones below are inexpensive, you get 100 blank labels for only $4.39. Available here > Vakind Plant Pot Markers Garden Nursery Plastic Stake Tags Labels 4 Inch Pack of 100 labels

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