DIY Home Gallery Wall Ideas

DIY Home Gallery Wall Ideas

Hanging your favorite snapshots on the wall doesn't have to involve just hanging them where they fit. These amazing DIY Home Gallery Wall Ideas are a cool way to create some inspired art work in your home to add to your existing decor. Can be done as a feature wall in a plain room or matched with decor in your favourite room. gallery wall

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You can recycle picture frames and wall art from arounf the house or you can purchase some cool bits and pieces to enhance your display such as this 20" Shabby Chic Wood Arched-Top Wall MirrorDIY Home Gallery Wall Ideas.

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If you would like to display your favourite artwork instead of photographs this works very well also. A great way to display childrens artworks or awards. gallery wall white

gallery wall ideas

Wooden letters are a fantastic addition to a family gallery wall. Small ones such as this inexpensive Wooden Letters (Set of 300)DIY Home Gallery Wall Ideas or large ones such as THESE work well.

DIY Home Gallery Wall Ideas

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