DIY Decorating With Faux Stone

DIY Decorating With Faux Stone

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Decorating with faux stone is a fast and easy way to introduce an instant rustic style tone into your home. It is very easy to do and only basic know-how is required. A fantastic idea that can be used in almost any room and also outside of the home.

Faux stone can change the entire look and feel of a boring white bathroom. It creates a warm inviting appeal and you can choose from pale or rich tones. Decorating With Faux Stone

^ This wallpaper features print of a Tuscan brick wall, it looks amazingly real.  One of the fastest ways to add some stone styled texture is to use a textured wallpaper. This is a good idea for use on a feature wall or in an area where other choices may not be practical.

Faux stone can work very well in the kitchen. It's important to select a shade that works well with existing decor. Avoid color matching though, you want your faux stone to catch the eye but not to overpower the room. DIY Decorating With Faux Stone

^ Interlocking faux stone border edging. Stone looks fantastic in any garden as it is a natural looking way to create edging and garden features. Using real stone or brick is an option but it can be much more difficult to set up in a uniform way. This interlocking edging can be installed with a minimum of fuss. It is inexpensive and it looks great.

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