Decorating With Mismatched Tiles

Decorating With Mismatched Tiles

New decorating trends often involve re-inventing ways to use common materials.

A striking way to use ceramic tiles indoors and outdoors. Bright tiles work well in the kitchen and also in entrance areas. You can combine tiles randomly or choose elements to bring them together. For example, all of your tiles could feature a certain color or style. A collection of tiles featuring classic artworks or digital designs.

Add some of your unique personal flairs by choosing tiles that you like. Or choose tiles with images that represent things that are important to you. Tiles can be combined in ways that are more stunning than you ever imagined.

  1. Inspired French Botanical
  2. Cobalt Blue Palestinian
  3. Blue Flower Mandala Fractal
  4. Electric Blue Quatrefoil
  5. Guardian Angel
  6. La Chanteuse IV Tiles
  7. Green Violetears Hummingbird Michael Henry hier
  8.  Healing Seashells
  9. Blue Water Drops

Broken Tile Collage

Decorating With Mismatched Tiles

If you like to recycle you can get a very creative effect by fitting broken tiles together. A great way to re-use some tiles that you already have. You can also buy packs of broken tiles that are inexpensive. Fit them together like a giant puzzle for a high-impact look.

Combination Ideas

  • Color schemes, random patterns.
  • Mosaic of 5 or six different designs.
  • Completely random.
  • A mix of plain colors.
  • A theme such as "beach" or "Italian Cafe."

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