8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Fun Valentine's Day gifts for kids


When we think of Valentine's Day, we usually think about gifting something to our significant other. Celebrating love remains the chief reason for this day, but for kids, it's yet another fun holiday. And they'd love nothing less than to have a thoughtful gift to make their day. 

The best thing is, surprising your kid on Valentine's Day doesn't need you to fork out a fortune. There are reasonably-priced gifts that can bring that wide, toothy smile to your little munchkin's face. On that note, here are some of the best presents your kids would absolutely love this Valentine's Day. 

1. Squishmallows Hello Kitty

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: Squishmallows/Amazon

The Squishmallows Hello Kitty resembles the cuteness of your toddler with those big heart-shaped glasses. The material's ultra-soft and high-quality, so your kid will fall in love while playing with it. It is the perfect toy to snuggle with or relax at home and is also very easy to clean. This squeezable and lovable kitty will instantly bring a smile to the face of your kids, and that's a promise!

2. DoodleJamz JellyBoards

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: Sky Castle/Amazon

The DoodleJamz JellyBoard is a sensory drawing pad that allows your kids to unleash their creativity through pictures. They can draw their imagination on this drawing pad with either their fingers or the stylus that comes with it.

The DoodleJamz JellyBoard has that squishy, tactile feel of fidget toys. Also, this board comes with a 2-sided backer card that can be flipped or swapped with other backer cards to create new color-blend combinations.

3. String Art Heart Light

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: Creativity for Kids/Amazon

If your child's a builder by heart, the String Art Heart Light would be a great gift choice on Valentine's Day. It's all about creating a beautiful heart-shaped lantern, and you get all the required materials to build it within the kit.

It requires 2 AA batteries, but those are not included in the package. The gentle glow of this heart light will add a soothing ambiance to your kid's room, and you couldn't be more proud knowing your kids have created it all by themselves. 

4. Ourlife Waterproof Camera

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: Ourlife/Amazon

When we have joyous times with our family and friends, we love clicking pictures and making memories. For kids, it'd be great fun if they're able to capture their own memories with this Ourlife waterproof camera. With 1080p picture quality and 2K photos, your kids will love taking snaps whenever they're out on a trip or a picnic. 

This camera can be used continuously for about an hour or two, depending on whether it's being used for photos or videos. It's a great gift choice if your kid's anywhere between 3 to 12 years old. 

5. SoapSox Kids Exfoliant Bath Scrub

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: SoapSox/Amazon

Wish to make your toddler's bath time more exciting and filled with fun and frolic? Let this SoapSox bath scrub help you out. There are twelve different kinds of animals you can choose from. This soft and cuddly animal has finger pockets so your kid can squeeze it easily and play with it. There's also a clever opening for liquid or bar soap that makes sudsing up all the easier. 

6. My Feeling Bean Bags

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: Educational Insights/Amazon

For kids, it's essential to build emotional intelligence, and these My Feeling Bean Bags can help you develop those required skills. With these bean bags, you can encourage your child to play multiple games, such as recognizing and enacting the emotion displayed on the bean bags.

You can also discuss the colors and textures of the bean bags to build their vocabulary. There are ten bean bags in a pack that contains different emotions. In all, it's a fantastic gift idea if you're looking to gift something meaningful to your little ones. 

7. AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

8 Cute Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids
Source: AmyHomie/Amazon

If your little one's a big fan of The Little Mermaid, gifting this blanket will bring a glow of excitement to their face. It's pretty affordable and available in twelve different colors. The easy in-and-out design will allow your little girl to step into the shoes of a mermaid and have a sound sleep. 

This mermaid tail blanket can keep your kid cozy and warm in all seasons, plus it can be used for sleepovers, on the sofa, during camping, or in a car. In all, it'll make your children's dreams come true!

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