Very Cute Hatching Dinosaur Candle

Very Cute Hatching Dinosaur Candle

This adorable hatching dinosaur candle comes in the shape of a dinosaur egg.

To reveal the baby dinosaur inside you simply burn the candle.

As the wax melts away your little dinosaur will be revealed. You will enjoy seeing your little dinosaur slowly hatch because it is just so cute. If you have a child who is learning about prehistoric animals they will adore this.

A flame is needed to burn the candle of course, so adult supervision will be required for safety reasons. This is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who likes dinosaurs because it is so interesting. It is also a fun gift idea for anyone who loves unique novelty items.

Very Cute Hatching Dinosaur Candle
Source: Firebox

The dinosaur is made of porcelain so once you use the candle you have an adorable dragon ornament. You can give a nice birthday gift by finding a greeting card and gift wrap featuring dinosaurs.

As this is an egg it also makes a wonderful Easter gift because it is something out of the ordinary to give. If you know someone who can not have a lot of sweet things then this is a fun alternative to giving traditional Easter chocolate eggs. 

The candle will arrive in an attractive box perfect for gifting.

Your candle will be a high quality candle with a decent burn time. It does take time for your baby dinosaur to hatch. The dinosaur inside the candle is a baby velociraptor.

Note that as your candle burns the dinosaur inside may turn black. Do not be alarmed though, because this is expected and once the candle melts the marks will wipe off easily.  The approximate measurements of the candle are 14 x 14 x 15cms.

Very Cute Hatching Dinosaur Candle
Source: Firebox

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