11 Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

11 Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

Here are yellow things to brighten your day. Wear them, look at them or put them in your home. Yellow is such a bright summer color and adding some yellow to your life is sure to make you feel good. Research has shown that colors can definitely affect the way that we feel. Yellow is a color that is said to invoke feelings of happiness, joy, positivity, optimism, loyalty and energy. We could all use some more of those things in our lives.

Happy Yellow For Rainy Days - Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

Rainy days con be so gloomy and a splash of yellow is just the thing to brighten your mood. These rainy day items are perfect for keeping you dry and happy.

Yellow Rain Boots

If ever there is a time when you might need yellow things to brighten your day it could be when it is raining. These pretty yellow rain boots are sure to make things seem a little brighter now matter how dark the day is. Team them with yellow socks or a yellow umbrella if you really want to shine.

yellow rain boots

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Sunny Yellow Umbrella

Another cool idea for a bright rainy day pick me up, a yellow umbrella. So bright and fresh that you will forget that the day is cloudy. Umbrellas are often dark and dreary colors so you will certainly stand out in the crowd.

yellow umbrella

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Pretty Yellow Fashion Accessories - Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

People often carry fashion accessories everywhere they go. This is the perfect way to add some sunshine to any outfit.

Cute Yellow Bumble Bee Handbag

This cute yellow handbag is a unique handmade leather item. It is a cross body bag featuring a hand stitched bumble bee design. A beautiful bag that you will enjoy using, also a lovely gift idea.

11 Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

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Bird and Yellow Flowers Gold Watch

You will find that this unisex gold watch fits perfectly. Select from several different styles and metal types. The clock face features a pretty image of a bird in a tree full of soft yellow flowers.

yellow gold watch

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Yellow Cycling Shoes

These yellow cycling shoes feature a millennium 4 carbon composite sole and a politex upper. Sure to keep your feet comfortable while cycling and brighten things up. These are entry level cycling shoes but are suitable for most riders.

yellow shoes

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Yellow Snacks - Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

You can't help but be happy when your snacks are bright and cheery. These colorful snacks look good and taste good, a perfect combination.

Yellow Swirl Pops Candy

Candy is great comfort food and these yellow swirl pops are sure to do the trick. Perfect for a child's party or just for when you want candy. A big basket of yellow Halloween candy is sure to impress trick or treaters.

yellow candy

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For Your Home - Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

Yellow is a bright, cheery color perfect for adding a joyful vibe to your home. You can do this by adding accents of color or by using yellow as a feature color. Perfect for childrens bedrooms or playrooms and living areas.

Fun Banana Throw Cushion

A cute cushion that will add some personality wherever you choose to put it. A collection of yellow cushions together looks amazing or put with contrasting shades to highlight or subdue the bright color. The cushion measures 16 x 16 inches.

banana pillow

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Bright Sunflower Poster

Sunflowers are the perfect symbol of summer days. This poster is a lovely example of yellow wall art that you could use in your home. It is available on paper and on canvas.

sunflower wall art

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Yellow Polka Dot Pouf / Ottoman

You can put your feet up and relax in a happy space with this cool ottoman. A fun place to rest your tired feet after a long day. Looks amazing in a room that features a lot of black furniture.

Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

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Yellow Clothing - Yellow Things To Brighten Your Day

You may think that yellow doesn't suit your complexion but you can still find a way to wear it. If a yellow outfit is too much for you then you can accessorise with yellow jewellery or shoes. Summer days are perfect for wearing yellow and softer shades of yellow are just as nice as stronger ones.

Strapless Yellow Dress

Anyone who wears this bright dress is sure to stand out. Share your happy vibe with the world in a striking and noticeable way. Yellow is easier to accessorize than you might think. Team it with black, white, metallics, nudes or greys.

yellow dress

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Yellow Mens Business Shirt

You will be difficult to ignore in this bright shirt. Your vibrant personality is sure to be noticed by everyone when you are wearing it. Wear it under a black business suit with a black tie or with other colors.

yellow business shirt

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