Cool Watermelon Bowl For Summer Treats

Cool Watermelon Bowl For Summer Treats

This cool watermelon bowl is perfect for serving summer treats. You will find it adds some color and atmosphere to any summer party or dinner service. This matters because when you have guests you don't just want the food to taste good but you want it to look good too.

Cool Watermelon Bowl For Summer Treats

You can serve anything in this bowl from salads to fresh fruit or desserts. The perfect bowl to hold chips, dip or anything else that is on the menu. Team it with other red and green items to create a fun and appetizing display. A lovely idea for backyard BBQs, picnics, beach parties or casual alfresco dining.

Cool Watermelon Bowl

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Cool Watermelon Bowl For Summer Treats - Specifications

This is a ceramic bowl with a decorative serrated edge. It measures 7 inches in diameter and it is three inches tall. The bowl features a glazed finish and it is also dishwasher and microwave safe. This bowl was designed by Boston International and there are matching items available.

Cool Watermelon Bowl For Summer Treats - Gift Idea

This is a unique and useful gift idea perfect for a housewarming or any other occasion. Anyone who like to entertain will certainly appreciate it. Give it alone, with other items from the Boston International collection or fill it with treats. You could fill it with kitchen items for a housewarming or candy for a birthday. There are plenty of options that will work very well.

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