9 Cool Things For Your Home Office

9 Cool Things For Your Home Office

These cool things for your home office are sure to inspire you to want to spend time in there. If you use your home office for fun more than work you will love this list because there are some interesting things here.

You will find that inspirational items are great to have in the office because they remind you what matters. This can help when you are tired but have work to do. Your home office might be a place where you don't do a lot of work because you use it for social media or other personal things.

Cool Things For Your Home Office - Full Metal I3 Mega 3D PRINTER

3d printer

image source                          Available at amazon.com

You will find that using a 3D printer is a lot of fun because of the things that you can create. Even if you have not used a 3D printer before you should find that this one is easy to use if you follow the included instructions. This a plug and play design that features a user friendly touch screen. To assemble it you simply need to put eight screws in place. The instructions will show you how to do this properly. Lifetime technical support is provided so if you have any issues someone will assist you.

Cool Things For Your Home Office - Personalized Mouse Pad
personalized mouse pad

image source                          Available at zazzle

A personalized mouse pad looks great on your desk because you can choose on that suits your decor. These are also a great gift idea for anyone who spends a lot of time in their office. This particular design would look great in a room that features a lot of black and white. You can choose which name you want printed on your mouse pad or you can add text that says something else.

Cool Things For Your Home Office - Cute Paw Print Wireless Mouse

paw print wireless mouse

image source                          Available at zazzle

You are sure to appreciate this cute paw print wireless mouse if you are an animal lover. Anyone who loves dogs will enjoy receiving this as a gift. This is a wireless mouse that features laser-optical precision for fast accurate clicks. So it doesn't just look cool but it works very well too.

Cool Things For Your Home Office - Dream Big Device Charging Station

device charging station

image source                          Available at zazzle

This device charging station is more than just cute because it's also pretty useful. It is a 7 port usb charging hub so you charge a lot of devices at the same time. The ChargeHub™ utilizes SmartSpeed™ Technology to provide optimal charge for virtually any USB device. There are many different artwork designs available including this inspirational seaside picture.

Cool Things For Your Home Office - Tropical Portable Bluetooth Speaker

cute bluetooth speaker

image source                          Available at zazzle

A cute portable bluetooth speaker featuring a tropical pattern. A portable bluetooth speaker is a great addition to any home office because you can use it in your office or elsewhere. This one has a bluetooth range of 33 feet and a built in microphone that allows you to make and receive calls.

Cool Things For Your Home Office - Cute Boston Terrier Laptop Sleeve

puppy laptop sleeve

image source                          Available at zazzle

If you have a laptop that you use at home and at work or school having a handy case to transport it in is great. Most laptops come with designated cases but these can be bulky and may not be convenient all of the time. With this case you can ensure that your laptop is safe even when it's inside of another bag. A very cute gift idea, especially for someone who has just received or purchased a new laptop.

Personalized Brainstorming Notebook

Cool Things For Your Home Office

image source                          Available at zazzle

A notebook is a necessity for any home office because you need somewhere to jot down notes. You can use to write a to do list, make holiday plans, work out your finances or just to brainstorm in general. This pretty notebook can be customized so you can add your own name, text or title to the cover before ordering. A wonderful gift idea for almost any occasion imaginable.

Fabulous Inspirational Mickey Mouse Clipboard

mickey mouse clipboard

image source                          Available at zazzle

Clipboards are always useful and this one is particularly cute. If you are a Disney fan you will adore this Mickey Mouse design featuring an inspirational quote. It is hard not to love this even if you are not a Disney fan. Most children or teens would love to receive such a cool item as a gift.

Sweet Cactus Pencil Case

cactus pencil case

image source                          Available at zazzle

This lovely pencil case features a cute cactus design. There are five little plants in brightly colored pots on the front of the case. You can choose to add your name or the name of a loved one to the pencil case when ordering. It is perfects for holding you pens, pencils and any little bits and pieces that are floating around in your desk drawer.

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