Summer Vibes

Cool Super Mario Bros Aquarium

This Cool Super Mario Bros Aquarium is based on the came and it looks totally awesome! A fantastic home decor idea for any gaming fan. The designer of this neat aquarium is Kelsey Kronmiller. Kelsy is a graphic designer who has paid great attention to every little detail in order to create this stunning design. The design is almost finished and each piece has been coated with a substance named Krylon Fusion. This is to protect the fish from any chemicals that the components may otherwise contaminate the water with. mario tankCool Super Mario Bros Aquarium mario tank 3 mario tank 4 mario tank 5

Kelsey plans to make this tank a home for an Electric Blue Jacks Dempsey, a Dinosaur Eel, a Freshwater Butterfly Fish and perhaps some Rainbow Fish or Danios as well.

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