Cool Robomart Grocery Store Comes to You

Cool Robomart Grocery Store Comes to You

The Robomart grocery store could revolutionize the grocery industry. Users would simply open the associated app and request the nearest Robomart. It is designed to make shopping easier and more accessible for everyone. Consumers can simply open the doors and choose produce. The patent pending grab and go technology does the rest. More than fifty retailers have approached the inventors expressing interest. The Robomart could be in your area in the near future.

What Is The Robomart Grocery Store

Driverless Robomart vehicles are on demand grocery stores. The first prototype of this vehicle has been successful.

How It Works

State of the art patent pending technology would allow users to order a nearby Robomart. Once the Robomart arrives consumers will open it and choose groceries. Grab and Go technology would then calculate the amount spent and electronically charge the buyer.

Why It Could Revolutionize The Grocery Industry

Only a very small portion of people buy groceries online, so there is a potential for the Robomart to be very successful. One of the reasons that shopping for groceries online is not more popular is that it is too expensive to provide instant on demand delivery. Under the current system customers often need to book delivery days in advance. This is not particularly convenient for many people.

When And Where It Will Be Available

The first prototype of this vehicle was built at the company headquarters in San Francisco. The environmentally friendly electric vehicles are still under development and a patent is pending. Many retail giants have expressed interest in this technology so it is definitely possible that development will continue and it will be in use in the near future.

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