Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets

Cool and Interesting Puppets

Cool puppets are a part of our lives because we see them on television and in live performances.

Children love puppets. This is why they make great gifts for children. Puppets can also be used as fun educational tools. A cute and useful way for parents and teachers to aid learning. Puppets provide a link between learning and play. Children can relate to them, learning through play is important. It helps children develop life skills. Cool puppets can capture a child's imagination and encourage creative play. This can be an effective way of encouraging a child's creativeness.  In addition, puppets can also assist children with difficulties in communication and interaction. They can help to develop social skills. As a child engages with a puppet they can learn lessons without even realising.

Some people collect puppets as there are so many interesting ones available. Television shows such as Sesame Street illustrate the way that puppets can be used to teach children. Most of us remember some of these puppet characters from our childhoods.

Craft activities are something most children enjoy. You can make your own puppets from craft supplies. Your DIY puppets can be as complex or as simple as you like. There are many different ways to make your own.

Finger Puppets

Miniature finger puppets are perfect for small gifts. They are also small enough to pack and take along when you are heading out. Excellent for keeping children entertained during long journeys. Some finger puppets or very simple. Others are quite complex and cool.

Praying Mantis Finger Puppet



This cute praying mantis finger puppet is surprisingly detailed. It features an award winning design. Adored by young children as a puppet and as a toy that can be held in the hand. Ideal for storytelling. Pre-school aged children love stories and the love puppets.

Available Here - Folkmanis Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet

Set Of 10 Animal Puppets


Host your very own miniature puppet show with this set of ten. Includes a variety of adorable animals. They are lovely and soft to the touch and they are also a perfect gift idea.

Available online here - Acekid 10pcs Soft Plush Animal Finger Puppets Set Velvet Animal Style.

Set of Five Zoo Animal Finger Puppets

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets

A lovely set of finger puppets featuring zoo animals. These puppets are made of plastic which makes them easy to wipe clean. Not recommended for children under the age of three. Sure to be a hit with preschool or young school aged children.

This set is available here - Zoo Animal Finger Puppets

Fairy Tale Finger Puppets

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets

This fairy tale finger puppet collection has everything you need to tell classic stories. There is a prince, a princess, a knight and also a cute dragon. Because there are so many fairy tales using these character you will find that you can use them in addition to many stories you read.

You can get this set online here - Manhattan Toy Storyime A Day at the Castle Finger Puppet Set

Clown Fish Finger Puppets

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets

These cool puppets are multicolored clownfish. Sure to impress any Finding Nemo fan. Available online here - Clown Fish Finger Puppets - Teaching Supplies & Teaching Supplies,pack of 12,various color

Cardboard Heroes

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets

These cool puppets are made from cardboard. They are inexpensive and they are also easy to fit in a suitcase to entertain little ones. Available here - Mudpuppy Hometown Heroes Finger Puppets.

Hand Puppets

Hand puppets are one of the most popular types of puppets around. The designs available vary from simple sock style puppets to cool puppets that are very detailed. Many different characters, shapes and colors can also be found.

Zoo Puppet Set

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets


This superbly cute hand puppet set is sure to be adored. You will love these soft puppets designed to fit the hands of adults and also children. Perfect rainy day entertainment.

DIY Cool Puppets

Itsy Bitsy Spider Hand Puppet

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets


Not just a puppet but also a fun craft activity that any child will enjoy. This spider puppet is made from easy to find materials that you probably already have. All you need is cardboard, pipe cleaners and stick on eyes. So cute!

Chicken Finger Puppets

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets


Lovely chicken finger puppets that are very easy to make. Because these are so simple you can children can make them. You will need cardboard, feathers and can also use stick on eyes if you prefer.

Sock Puppets

Fall In Love With These Cool Puppets


Sock puppets are very simple to make. All you need is some old clean socks. Decorate your sock puppets with scraps of material and also anything else you wish to use.

String Puppets

Very young children will struggle to use string puppets because they can be quite complicated. They are very cool because quality ones allow defined movement control. Perfect for professional puppet shows or older children. This is a classic style and many older string puppets have now become collectables.

Pinocchio MarionetteFall In Love With These Cool Puppets


Pinocchio is a much loved storybook character. Known for having a nose that becomes longer when he tells lies. In the story he is described as a "wretched boy" by his Father. The original story was intended to be tragic and teach about the perils of telling lies. Pinocchio is the original wooden boy. Anyone who loves the story of Pinocchio is sure to also love this cool puppet. He is about 15 inches tall and designed for children older than 5 years.

Giant Bird

cool puppets

This cool giant bird puppet is bright and fun. You can also get it in three cool designs.



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