Cool Photography Effect Using Sandwich Bags

Photography equipment can be expensive. Fortunately there are plenty of short cuts. You can create a Cool Photography Effect Using Sandwich Bags and colored marking pens. The result is a soft, ethereal image that looks fantastic. This trick has been shared by a photographer named Jesse David McGrady. It may sound like a silly idea but the results are pretty cool. Cool Photography Effect Using Sandwich Bags e2 The first thing you need to do is to tear a hole in your sandwich bag. It's important that you tear it, don't cut it. This is because you want the effect to be random.e3 Next, put the bag over the camera as shown.e4 Here are some photographs that have been taken using this technique.a1 a2 To customize the effect even further you can use colored markers to color in parts of the plastic bag. Here are some photos taken using the marker version.aa aaa

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