Cool Periodic Table Building Blocks

Cool Periodic Table Building Blocks

This set is a great idea for any child with an interest in science because it is sure to be useful. Someone who is learning the periodic table is sure to find that this is a cool learning aide.

If you are a science teacher these a cool idea for the classroom. Students are sure to appreciate how cool and useful they are.

These are also a really good idea if you are looking for a gift to give to your science teacher.

Any experienced scientist is sure to love this set because it looks so cool. This is a great set to display on a desk or somewhere else.

This is a set of 20 brightly colored blocks that contains every element of the periodic table. Each lock has six sides and each side features a different element from the periodic table. The name, atomic number, and symbol of each element is included.  

Young scientists can use these in order to use the elements. The bright colors are sure to perfect for young students. Each block features six different colors, one on each side. The colors used are bright blue, purple, green, red, orange and bright pink.

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