Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Why You Need Cool Night Lights

Cool night lights are a wonderful thing to have for a small child who is not quite tall enough to reach a switch. Some night lights can also be carried to the bathroom or another room so that your child has light with them. You will also find that a night light is very useful if you are part of a couple or if you share a room with a sibling. You can easily turn it on without waking other people who are in the room with you.

Power Point Plug in Night Lights

There are night lights that you will find very handy if you are able to plug in at a convenient place. This will of course depend on the placement of your power outlets. You can also get night lights that do not need to plug in if your outlets are not in convenient positions.

Mushroom Night Light


This nightlight is inexpensive and perfect to use anywhere there is a spot to plug it in. No batteries or messy cords are needed. You can easily move it around your home.

Get it here - tallahassee Kids Night light Color Changing Flower Plug In LED Mushroom Nightlight Wall LightsCool Night Lights For Your Home

Hedgehog Night Light


Children love novelty lights and this one is great. Cool night lights are useful as bedtime aids or for when a child needs to use the bathroom at night. This one also changes color which is fun.

Available online here - Color Changing Night Light LED Color Changing Light Night Lamps for Kids Room White and 7 Color Changing Hedgehog Night LightCool Night Lights For Your Home

Cool Night Lights - Lighthouse


You will love this lighthouse night light if you live in a beach house. It will work perfectly with existing decor.

Get it here - Park Designs Lighthouse Night LightCool Night Lights For Your Home

Shell Night Light


Cool night lights such as this one are perfect for seaside homes. This one looks wonderful even when it is not in use.

Available here - Red Abalone Sea Shell Nautical Beach Decor NightlightCool Night Lights For Your Home

Color Changing Cool Night Lights


Get it here -   ANGTUO Night Light LED Mushroom Lamp Silicone with Wireless Remote Control 16 Different Color for Kid Bedroom.Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Two Pack of Color Changing Cool Night Lights


Available here - Maxxima LED Color Changing Night Light with Dusk To Dawn Sensor, rotates through 8 colors in 40 seconds automatically (Pack of 2)Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Color Changing Projection Cool Night Light



This light has lots of features. Cames with a built in speaker and eight light projection modes.

Available online here - SOAIY Christmas Gift Rotation Color Changing Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp, Relaxing Light Show, Decorative Light, Mood Light, Baby Nursery Kids Bedroom Living Room Night Light (White)Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Cool Tree Night Lights

Trees are a lovely natural idea for household decoration. Out in the garden trees are wonderful and when featured inside this replicate their beautiful, natural appeal.

Fused Glass Tree Night Light


This is a stunning night light that look wonderful even when it is not being used. A lovely, natural tree design with autumn colors.

Get it here - J Devlin NTL 159-1 Fused Glass Tree Night LightCool Night Lights For Your Home

Silver Birch Light

A beautiful night light with a natural appeal. Can be decorated during festive occasions.


Available to buy online here -LOFTPLUS LED Birch Tree Hand-Painted Bonsai String Light Baby Night Lamp 24 LED for Indoor Use Warm White Battery-Operated AC Adapter Burlap sack Included 24inCool Night Lights For Your Home

Fall Night Garden

A cool night light featuring an image is perfect to match your existing decor. This fall garden night light has a clear glass front and a vivid digital display.


Get it here -Night Light - Forest Garden - Fall Trees - Autumn PathCool Night Lights For Your Home

Cool Night Lights - Tropical Palm

A sweet night light with a seaside theme. Perfect for your tropical beach house.


Get it online here - Palm Tree Tropical Isle Night Light - Ibis & Orchid DesignsCool Night Lights For Your Home

A cute little night featuring a lovely fresh beach scene. The top of the light features and image of a palm tree and the light is shaped around the tree to give a cool 3D effect. Beach house decor such as this adds a lovely touch to any seaside home. A nautical themed nursery or childs room is also a wonderful setting for this cute light.

Create Your Own Cool Night Lights

Cool night lights can be created using your own images, designs or text. You can upload a completely original design or customize ready made designs. Perfect if you have not been able to find a design that you like or to give as a gift.





The Adorable "Under the Sea/Pink Whale" Night Light can be personalized with the text of your choice. It measures 3.7"w x 4"h x 1.5"d.

by Personalizedbydiane

Rose Night Lights

Cool night lights featuring beautiful elegant roses add a lovely feminine touch. Perfect for a little girls bedroom or any room that features appropriate colors.

Delicate Rosebud Night Light

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Image via

Red Rose Night Light

A pretty and classic red rose night light that features a detailed design. This night light has been hand painted and comes gift boxed. A truly lovely gift for a loved one.

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Image Via

Stained Glass Rose Night Light

Create a classy effect with this gorgeous pink stained glass night light.

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

image via

Cool Night Lights For Little Boys

Cool night lights are a useful aid when encouraging a young child to use the bathroom during the night. When toilet training a child it can be quite daunting to the child to visit the bathroom in the night when the house is dark. A fun night light that your child will look forward to using is a wonderful incentive.

Tonka Truck Night Light

A wonderful night light featuring a classic Tonka truck.

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

image via

Car Table Top Night Light

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

image via

Dinosaur Night Light

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

image via

Dinosaurs are a favorite of children and many adults. This cool night light creates a modern yet prehistoric effect. It operates via touch which makes it very easy to turn it off and on when needed. The dinosaur light also changes color which is really fun.

Cool Night Lights For Modern Homes

If cutting edge design is your style and you are searching for a night light to suit here are a few that might like.

Moroccan Brushed Nickel Auto Night Light

This is a night light with a difference. It provides light and has been designed to cover unsightly power outlets. The long life LED bulb provides light for extended periods without having to change the bulb often. Light sensing technology enables this light to turn on automatically at dusk and turn off when the sun comes up.

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Image Via

Toilet Bowl Night Light

Never trip in the dark again or fumble around searching for the toilet paper. This cool night light will ensure that you can see as much as you need to. Perfect for ensuites so that you can see without turning on bright overhead lights that may disturb your sleeping partner.

Cool Night Lights For Your Home

Available to buy at

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