Cool Engagement Photo Ideas

Getting engaged is a very important event in your life. Ensuring that you have some awesome commemorative photographs is a must. Here are some Cool Engagement Photo Ideas to inspire you as you plan your own. enage ^ Using a sport based theme is great. Especially if you and your future spouse both share an interest in the same sport. Misha-Media-Wrigley-Field-Engagement-Session-12^ If you are more of a spectator than a player photographs like this one could work really well for you. pony Photograph by Amber Davis Photography

^A romantic, fairytale style is wonderful if you want classic and beautiful photographs.  pat Ron Soliman Photojournalism /

^ Incorporating your countries flag is very effective if you want to show off some patriotism.  save-the-date  via

Featuring a special place or date creates a special photo memory that you will treasure. pet via

^ If your pet is an important part of your life then it makes sense to involve it in important life moments. engagement-portraits via

Props enhance your photographs and you can use nearly any object you choose. Frames and mirrors work really well. off-dayvia

^ Another example of how much fun props can be! crazy-engagement

^ If you and your partner both enjoy adventure in the great outdoors then there are plenty of fun options. 10-dayana_josh-0001 via

^ A great location shot that is full of personality!

ideas ^ Check out this great book for more inspirational photo ideas.

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