Cool Chair Sculptures

Sculpture artists have an amazing ability to turn everyday objects into works of art. Chairs are something that most of us see everyday, here are some examples of artists creating cool works of art that are made from and inspired by boring, everyday chairs!

chair-sculptureThis huge sculpture was created by a Japanese artist named Tadashai Kawamata. It is made from hundreds of chairs, including stackable chairs, sofas and stools.

Repro fuer Alexander Ochs GalleriesMicha Ullman created this piece in 1995, it is located in the centre of Berlin. This 'Chair' sculpture is part of Ullmans Bibliothek (library) installation.

wholeThis piece is named "Black Whole Conference" and it was created by Michel De Broin in 2006. It has been made from 72 chairs and is located in Montreal, Canada.

vintage-vinyl1This sculpture was created by Jim Lambie in 2008, it was exhibited at the Hara Museum of contemporary art as part of his exhibit which featured wooden chairs, handbags, mirrors, gloss paint and variable dimensions.

chairhandIf you like the idea of displaying some interesting chair art around your home or office this neat Right-Hand Foot sculpture is available at amazon here ~

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