32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest
cool aquarium ideas


Creating Interest In Your Aquarium Display

Your aquarium will be much more fun to look at if you implement some cool aquarium ideas. It's important for you to create an environment that does work well for the comfort of your fish but the way it looks matters too. You probably display your aquarium in a place where you love to see it and where other people see it also.

Your aquarium can be decorated in a way that also compliments the decor surrounding it. This is achieved by matching colors and also considering the general theme or style of your home.


Cool Aquarium Ideas - Interesting Aquarium Plants

If you are someone who loves a lot of greenery in your fish tank interesting plants are cool aquarium ideas. Create interest by choosing plants that are colorful or have interesting shapes. You can create a stunning effect by layering different kinds of plants. Also, create a great effect by using plants that are all the same type just by placing them well. Well arranged plants can look very cool!


LUFFY Philippines Java Fern: Beautiful and Hardy Aquarium-Ready Live Plant.32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


1 Hornwort Bunch - 5+ Stems | Ceratophyllum Demersum - Beginner Tropical Live Aquarium Plant32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Potted Monte Carlo (Micranthemum) - Easy Carpet Aquarium Plant by West Coast Aquatics32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Get it here - Greenpro Rotala Indica Green Live Aquarium Plants, 3-Bundles32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Check these out - SunGrow Mineral Rocks - Enhance Shrimp's Color: Boost Immunity: Absorb Toxic Chemical in Water: For Shrimp, Crayfish & Snails32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Cool Aquarium Ideas - Use Your Imagination

Use your imagination to come up with a unique idea or theme for your aquarium and then bring it to life using aquarium accessories.


Find out more about this idea here - LUFFY Moss Ball X 5+ 1 Free! Live Reef Aquarium Plant for saltwater coral brackish clown fish nemo32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Find these online here - GloFish Accent Gravel for Aquarium, Multicolored Gems32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

If colorful fish are your style you can also add more color with these bright aquarium gems. Can be used as an accent and also for complete coverage.

Betta Fish Tank Accessories

Betta fish are very popular and there are many great ideas for decorating their tanks around. Working with color is the best way to decide on a theme for you betta tank. This is because betta fish are admired for their color, you will want to compliment the color of your fish not distract from it.


Get it here for $3.50 - Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBL20 Betta Hammock32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

I have a betta fish of my own and I have one of these cool stick on leaf hammocks in the tank. My betta fish loves it and can often be seen lounging on the leaf which is so cute!


Available online here - Zoo Med Laboratories AZMFA50 Sinking Ceramic Betta Log32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

The perfect hideaway for your betta fish habitat. Looks great and it is sure to be used often.

Cool Aquarium Ideas - Working With Shape

Aquariums of all sizes and various shapes are available. You are no longer limited to standard rectangular tanks so choosing an interesting shape for a new tank is a great idea. There are curved tanks and also tanks that are spherical, square or octagonal.


Shop here - Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit, 3-Gallon32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Available online here - Zoo Med Laboratories AZMBP22 Betta Plant Bamboo32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Get it here - Uniclife Glowing Effect Silicone Artificial Coral Plant for Fish Tank, Aquarium Landscape Decoration,Decorative Aquarium Ornament - Blue32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Add Some Color

You can instantly brighten up your aquarium when you add something colorful. Rocks such as the ones below look amazing. Create a stunning effect by replacing all of your aquarium rocks with colorful ones or create a featured area by adding a selection of colored rocks in one area.


Check these out online here - Pawliss Aquarium Marbles Decorative Gravel Pebble Crystal Small 9oz32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Available here - Penn Plax Stone Hideaway Aquarium Rock, Small32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Fish love to have hiding places in their tanks and this hideaway rock will provide this for any small fish.

Contrasting Rocks

Contrasting colors create a wonderful effect. If your fish are very bright then furnishing your aquarium with rocks or decor that is black is a great idea. The contrast between your pets and their environment will make for an absolutely stunning display.


These black fish tank rocks are available online here - ZUINIUBI 250g Black Pebble for Aquarium Fish Turtle Tank Landscape Bottom Decoration Opal Glass Sand Crystal Stone Rocks Ornament32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest
Home + Pets


Your tank will need an air stone, instead of a boring one you can make yours part of a magnificent display. This air stone incorporates a multi colored LED lighting set up.

Available here -  Coidea Aquarium Fish Tank Air Bubble Disk Bubble Air Stone with 12 Multi-color Underwater Changing LED Light32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Find out more about this product here - Glowing Effect Artificial Coral Plant for Fish Tank, Decorative Aquarium Ornament, Orange32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

This artificial coral is amazing for decorating aquariums of all sizes. Has great color and it is also very beautiful and lifelike.

Disguise the Boring Stuff

You don't want to ruin all of your cool aquarium ideas with air hoses or other necessities that get in the way. This can be avoided by careful placement of your items. You can also invest in items such as this air hose kit below that is easy to disguise. It comes with lots of suction cups to hold it in place. Great for ensuring that it stays out of view.


Available here - Silicone Flexible Aquarium AirlineTubing , 3/16-Inch&xFF0C;26-feet with 6-Pcs Suction Cup Airline Tube Clips/Clamps/Holders for Aquarium air pump32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Plants are a wonderful addition to any aquarium but also remember that they are not all easy to care for. You can also create amazing set ups by using decorative fake plants, corals or an anemone like this one.

Get it here -  Tetra 26652 Blooming Collection White Anemone32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Cool Aquarium Ideas - Glow In The Dark Ornaments


Available here -  Saim Glowing Effect Artificial Plant for Fish Tank Decorative Aquarium Ornament32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

In addition to adding some shape to your tank this artificial plant also glows in the dark. This looks cool and also saves you from having to use more electricity in order to create interesting lighting in your tank.


Check it out here - Saim® Glowing Effect Artificial Lotus Root, Leaves and Flowers for Fish Tank Decoration Plastic Aquarium Ornament32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

These look very realistic and also give your tank an exotic feel. A perfect low maintenance option.

Tropical Colors


Available to buy here - Uxcell Plastic Fish Tank Aquarium Accent Underwater Plants, 11.8", Blue32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Hues of blue and purple are beautiful when blended like this and will look fantastic.


Sunny yellow is a cool choice to brighten up any dull display. Also a wonderful addition to a colorful tropical tank.

Get it here-  Uxcell Concrete Base Silicone Coral Anemone Aquarium Plant Decoration, Yellow32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest


Find it here -  SunKni 2Pcs Glowing Effect Silicon Artificial Coral Plant for Aquarium Decorations Fish Tank Décor Fish Bowl Ornament (Pink, Simple Packing)32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Glow in the dark decorations for aquariums can also work very well in tropical themed tanks. They look wonderful when the lights are out and also keep your tank looking vibrant.

Cool Aquarium Ideas - Don't Forget the Backdrop

curtain-bubbler Cool Aquarium Ideas

Many people tend to forget about the back of the tank when decorating aquariums but it is also important. It is the backdrop for the entire display. Even if you prefer to keep your display simple a bubbler such as this one can add light and movement which is very effective.

Get it here -YueYueZou® Aquarium Curtain Light Blue Aquatic Bubbler32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Aquariums With Cabinets


You can buy tanks separately but it is useful when a tank also comes with a custom designed cabinet. You have got to have somewhere to put your aquarium and an accompanying cabinet that has been built especially for your tank.


Check it out online here -  All Glass Aquarium AAG53030 Pine Cabinet, 30-Inch32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Many different styles of aquarium cabinets are available so you can easily find on that also matches your other furniture. If you are planning on setting up a saltwater aquarium a cabinet or a storage area is necessary for housing equipment.


Check it out - Triton Cynthia - 430 Gallon Aquarium - Black32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

If you have a preference for modern decor and do not want to have to purchase components separately then you will love the Triton Cynthia aquarium. This is a smart aquarium that comes with everything that you need including filtration, lighting, a smart controller and built-in computer board.


Get it here -Pro Clear iTank 5G White Aquarium Kit32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

alder-cones Cool Aquarium Ideas

Check them out here -50 Alder Cones - Healthy pH Buffering Aquarium Decorations by Aquatic Arts32 Cool Aquarium Ideas To Create Interest

Alder cones look so cool and they also lower and buffer pH gently and naturally. Putting these in your tank will produce ideal water conditions for acidic loving animals.

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