Convenient Magnetic Window Cleaner

Convenient Magnetic Window Cleaner

The convenient magnetic window cleaner makes hard to reach windows very easy to clean. You can clean the outside of your windows while you are inside. This works very well because of the magnets that hold a piece in place on the outside of the window.

Cleaning windows on the outside can be a very difficult task. Many people have to hire professional window cleaners (which is very expensive) to clean the outside of windows that cannot be reached. 

Convenient Magnetic Window Cleaner
 Source: Amazon/Tyroler Bright Tools   

If you are not able to climb a ladder to reach the outside of your windows you will find this to be an inexpensive and easy solution. To use you simply open the window and line up the pieces so that one is on the outside of your window and one is on the inside. As you clean the inside of the window you will also be cleaning the outside.

Available at Amazon/Tyroler Bright Tools 

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