Constructive Eating Set: The Perfect Way To End Your Kid’s Food Mutinies!

Constructive Eating Set: The Perfect Way To End Your Kid’s Food Mutinies!
Constructive Eating Set


Amongst the manifold of tantrums kids throw on a regular basis, the ones with food tend to be a major reason for headaches for many parents. And we totally get your condition; it requires a different level of patience to handle the ruckus your child creates while avoiding the beans or lentils you’ve cooked to ensure they have a healthy diet. 

Most of the kids don’t even bother looking at what they’re eating, as they are busy playing and frolicking around. That common household scene is enough to start a major war between you and your little soldier. However, there’s a way to win that food battle with ease if you know the right solution.

Plate with spoons
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If your kids love building games, the Constructive Eating set will make sure each and every morsel of healthy food finds its way to their stomach. It comprises a Construction Plate and three matching Construction Utensils: Fork Lift Fork, Front Loader Spoon, and Bull Dozer Pusher. 

The Construction Plate is a patented design that consists of a ramp so that your little construction worker can use the Bull Dozer Pusher to push food over and load it onto the Front Loader Spoon at the other end. This way, the Constructive Eating set combines food with playing and makes eating an engaging activity for kids. 

The Unavoidable Benefits

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The innovative plate and utensil design are bound to make eating a thrilling experience for your kids, making it a seamless affair for you to feed them. No more food wars, just peaceful food treaties!

Building games are known for developing problem-solving skills, encouraging thinking and reasoning, and fostering confidence. While the eating set isn’t a game per se, the inherent nature of the product will help your children strengthen the attributes mentioned above. 

The Constructive Eating set plays a major role in helping your kids eat independently. What’s more, the creative design of the utensils will ensure they learn the appropriate way of eating with a spoon and fork. Say goodbye to sticky hands and table cloth stains!

Made in the USA, the set is trusted by medical professionals. What's more, it's microwave and dishwasher safe, and BPA, Phthalate, PVC, lead, and paint free.

A Few Experiences…

Constructive eating set with food
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This set is the best ever! I have a very selective eater and this is his favorite plate and has been for the past 2 years. I love how it keeps the food separate and the utensils make eating so fun! - Jessie via Amazon

I highly recommend this plate and utensil set! We've struggled with picky eating for a long time at my house and when I bought this Constructive Eating set, I was hesitantly optimistic. But the good news is that we received this on Saturday morning, immediately used it at breakfast, and my son hasn't refused (much) since. Even on the foods he ends up not eating, he at least will take a bite first before refusing. - S.Wood via Amazon

We love the fun separate sections for different foods, and my picky-eater 3-year-old grandson enjoys engaging with his food using the fun utensils. We've washed in the dishwasher numerous times and it shows no signs of wear after a month. Great purchase. - Joan Fitzpatrick via Amazon

The Constructive Eating set will allow you to heave a sigh of relief as your kids consume their food without throwing any tantrums. Get the Constructive Eating set and watch your child have a healthy diet with joy and peace of mind!

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