Alarm Clock That Makes Your Coffee

Alarm Clock That Makes Your Coffee

This alarm clock that makes your coffee is sure to make your morning routine a little easier. If you are someone who needs coffee to wake up in the morning you will love it because your coffee will be ready to go. Sometimes you've really gotta drag yourself to the kitchen to make that first cuppa but not anymore. A great way to kickstart your morning.

Alarm Clock That Makes Your Coffee

Ease yourself into the morning by drinking your coffee before you even get out of bed. If you are someone who drinks more than one coffee in the morning you can set multiple alarms. You may need to refill it but the result might be worth it to you.

Because your first coffee will be brewing while you sleep you can stay in bed for a few minutes longer. A cool way to shave a few minutes off your morning routine. Getting enough sleep is very important for many reasons and even a few minutes can help sometimes. It has been scientifically proven that we are more productive and healthier when we get enough sleep.


Alarm Clock That Makes Your Coffee

image source                Available at thebarisieur

Coffee Alarm Clock

image source                Available at thebarisieur

This machine is called the The Barisieur and it makes a great gift idea for any early riser. Not just a unique and fun novelty item but also very useful.

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