Chocolate Lego Bricks

Chocolate Lego Bricks

If you are tired of being told not to play with your food then you will love these Chocolate Lego Bricks. You play with them and then eat them. If you love chocolate then you may not be able to build very big structures as you will find that you keep eating the pieces!

 The chocolate bricks were created by a Japanese artist named Akihiro Mizuuchi.

Chocolate Lego BricksSource: Akiriho Mizuuchi/Behance

This is a fantastic idea for any party or event, making sure your food display looks amazing.

choc2Source: Akiriho Mizuuchi/Behance

The chocolate bricks come in four different colors and flavors which are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and pink chocolate.

choc3Source: Akiriho Mizuuchi/Behance

You can try any shape you would normally do with the usual lego bricks. Cool, right?

choc4Source: Akiriho Mizuuchi/Behance

What about some chocolate sticks? Like.. literally.

choc5Source: Akiriho Mizuuchi/Behance

And some chocolate bear gang?

choc7Source: Akiriho Mizuuchi/Behance

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