Catering Essentials of 2015

The catering essentials of 2015

When it comes to a catering business, the owners will want to save as much money as possible to help cut costs and allow them to employee the true number of people needed. Thankfully, many of the catering essentials of 2015 will help save catering companies’ money while still having satisfied clients.

Choosing the Right Equipment

When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, a catering company needs to be sure that the equipment they are getting is top of the line. A failure in this equipment can lead to several problems. This can lead to delays in serving food and preparing food.  A catering company’s worst enemy is having catering equipment that is not proper for the job. Finding the right equipment, that functions as it should will leave the company with highly satisfied customers and those customers are more likely to use that company again.

The Main Essentials

When it comes to catering, there are some must haves that a catering company will need to have with them at all times.

  • Serving equipment.

There will need to be many different kinds of serving equipment. The amount will depend on the size of the event. Equipment includes things like baskets, serving spoons, and tongs.

  • Churchill crockery.     

This is a must have for any event. This fine china will be the talk of the night.  These products will help a business save money as they are washable and reusable. Many catering companies make the mistake of using plastic plates which are not reusable. With the use of Churchill crockery, catering companies can save a vast amount of money.

  • Melamine tableware.

These utensils are made of melamine which can drastically save catering businesses money. Melamine can be reused and can be found for relatively low prices compared to other materials.

  • Polycarbonatecutlery. 

This is another great option to allow for great cutlery that functions well at half the price of others.  The polycarbonate will still have the same look and feel as other cutlery.

Where to Purchase?

When looking for commercial catering equipment, a catering company will find many options out there. The UK’s leading catering equipment supplier is WV Howe. At WV Howe, a catering company can get whatever they need at great prices. This includes various forms of cutlery, china, and even clothing. The company has great reviews and is well respected in catering circles, all over the United Kingdom.

WV Howe’s website allows a company to go through all their products and order directly from online. This will help a company utilise their time and money. By purchasing online, the company does not have to waste time to go to a store. The site offers everything that could be desired for a catering business. The site also offers many perks including free shipping, 20% discounts, as well as express delivery. This can all help a catering business save money as well as have their items delivered in a quick manner. They will have all the catering essentials of 2015 available for purchase on their site.
Additional Ways to Save
When it comes to saving money on catering supplies, there are several things that can be done. Purchasing from WV Howe, will help many catering companies save money and be one of the best catering companies out there. Further ways to save money include using plastic and polycarbonate items.
The catering essentials of 2015 will help catering businesses be the best out there. These products are essential for any business that wishes to succeed and to pull off great events.


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