Cat Simulator

The Cat Simulator is a cool game idea that is sure to be a hit with cat lovers everywhere! If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat then here is your chance.  This ambitious  project is currently in development. It is being developed by a small company. It will be a top notch, highly developed simulator. When completed it will be compatible with android, PC, Mac and iOS. This will eventually be the coolest cat simulator in the world. A creative, cat loving project. It is being designed around the idea of showing you what it is like to be a cat living a cat life.

Cats are beautiful creatures and many people adore them. In ancient Egypt they were worshipped. The cat simulator is a fun, modern form of cat love. Really who wouldn't want to know what it is like to sleep all day and be adored?Cat SimulatorMORE AWESOME CAT STUFF ~ Cat Table Fan,  Pete The Cat childrens book, Calico Cat Socks,  Pet Fountain,

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